No Peace // No Faith // No Sleep

by Remain and Sustain

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released October 2, 2016

All songs written and performed by Remain and Sustain

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Gabe Moya

Artwork By Jon Vela

Remain And Sustain is
Ian Kilcoyne: Vocals
Michael Guglielmi: Guitar
Gabe Moya: Guitar
Tyler McNair: Bass
Noah Bruce: Drums



all rights reserved


Remain and Sustain Highlands Ranch, Colorado

A Metallic Hardcore band from Highlands Ranch, CO. FFO: Converge, The Chariot, Vanna, Every time I Die

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Track Name: No Peace
No Peace

Barrel in my mouth
Knife in my spine
I keep pushing but I can't cross the line

Anxiety blooms
Burn it all away
Fall asleep at the wheel
20 years too late

I can't waste my life away
Waiting for death's cold embrace
I find no solace in this

I'm just so lifeless

I gotta face the facts
I find no solace in this
I gotta face the facts
There's no
There's no
There's no fucking peace
Track Name: No Faith (ft. Max Scheer)
Dig deep
What do you stand for
False ideas
They don't stand with me
There's no crutch
Strong enough
To keep these bones up

I've found myself in a state of decay
Watch me fade away

I built the rosary up inside my skull
Thought the bridges could support
But they're old and dull
God above if you hear me was it worth the time
Built a throne made of ashes from the weakest minds

No faith left

I won't spend my life
Searching for answers
To fix the human kind
We're all fucked
We've wasted all our lives
Praying for progress
Invest in your own mind
Not the one in the sky

Shoveling to the bottom of my grave
Casket rhythm
My heart beat’s not the same
Pulled to pieces
I don’t think I can sleep this off
I've got no faith in me
I've got no faith in man

There’s no faith left
Track Name: No Sleep (ft. Tommy Gates of Dead Set)
I'm losing myself in my selfish ways
Put me to bed and wait for better days
Deter the venom wash the stains away
Re-bleach my bones and watch the black marks fade

Let me sleep the pain away

20 years of wasted space
2 decades I'm still awake
I am nothing but dead weight and loose ends
I'm burning bridges to my dream
I'm fumbling into the deep
But i can't fall asleep and watch my decay

I can’t get it out
Shut my mind down
I can't get it out
Just let me

I'm just waiting for the day
I can look at myself without turning away
Put my death at the top of the stack
Just another fuck up with a broken back

Lay me down to rest
Relieve me of my stress
I can’t begin to relax
Without you

I used to crave it but now I need it
I said no, no, no
I can't close my fucking eyes